Sheep camp, sheep wagon, camp wagon, range camp, no matter what terminology you use, a Wilson Camp is the one to own!

Why Buy a Wilson Camp?

The first Wilson Camp was designed and built in 1976 by Mark Wilson and his father Emer to use on his family's sheep ranch. The Wilsons saw the need for a camp chassis that was not only capable of traveling at highway speeds but also able to maneuver in
the rugged back trails of the Rocky Mountains. Mark's brother Doyle joined the operation in 1979. Word quickly spread about the Wilson's Sheep Camp, it fueled demand, and they have been building them ever since.

For the past 32 years the Wilsons have added new innovations to Mark's original designs. Wilson Camps was the first to
use solar power energy to fuel energy needs of a camp for ranchers in the back country. Always looking for new
innovations and improvements makes Wilson Camp's commitment to customer service second to none. These traditions
of progress continue with Brady Wilson joining his father Mark in partnership. With educational backgrounds
in computer science, electronics, and engineering, Wilson Camps will continue its traditions of innovation, proving that you're not
buying 'the best' unless it's a Wilson Camp.

It's easy to see why Wilson Camps is the leader in the production of modern sheep camps. They lead the industry while their
competitors attempt to replicate their inventive products.  Other manufacturers will follow behind as Wilson Camps forge the
trail by continually coming up with new ideas and solutions for the outdoor sportsman!